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The Parent Scoop - bringing research and knowledge to parents, from parents.

Hosted by Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher, Ed.D., education professor and mom of two. 

The Parent Scoop is produced by Marko Kucher (Ameena's husband and partner). The podcast's theme music - Jazz Baba - features their teenage son, Josef Kucher, on guitar. The artwork for the podcast was created by their daughter, Laila Kucher, in collaboration with her dad.

Jun 14, 2020

In this week's episode, we learn about what racial literacy is and why we need it more than ever.

Our parent guest this week is Charles Barrett Adams, dad of two and one of the founding members and managing partner of The Lion’s Story, an organization that seeks to prepare individuals and organizations to navigate and resolve racially charged situations using research-based strategies. We talk about managing stress during conversations related to race, and how to engage with our children about racially charged situations - from processing the news to everyday experiences with microaggressions. 

*Episode notes:*

  • Processing events of racial injustice with children
  • Racial literacy: Managing racially stressful situations (how to CLCBE)
  • Racial climate change 
  • White Supremacy and Colorism, Prejudice, & Microaggressions
  • The Lion’s Story: Overview and upcoming workshops 

See also our bonus content where we talk specifically about schools and the role parents can play in advocating for change.